Tony J. Adams is 52 year old with an MA in Psychology, a Business consultant and experienced Behavioral therapist who has dedicated his career to helping people master their emotions and achieve wellness. Armed with over 18 years as a Psychotherapist, Tony’s passion was sparked by his personal struggles with procrastination and overthinking.
Described by his friends as a cheerful person who’s always full of energy, Tony currently lives near Boston with his wonderful wife Jessica, their two children, and the family German Shepherd called Balu.
He loves to help people get their lives on track by clearing limiting beliefs and getting them to live in a world of solutions rather than problems to change their mindset and take control of their life.
Tony developed unique successful strategies to control the mind that were successfully time-tested on many people.He loves challenges and opportunities to grow. He also likes to laugh, tell a joke and make you smile. He enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors, and in his free time, he is an avid basketball player.

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